Monday, February 8, 2010

2009-10 ITG Heroes and Prospects - Update

After finding 75 box breaks of ITG Heroes & Prospects, here are the numbers. As always, most of the game used cards and game-used autos can be found here. For everything else:
  • AHL All Stars ~300 of each
  • Calder Cup Winners ~250 of each
  • Class of 2010 ~250 of each
  • Enforcers ~200 of each
  • Memorial Cup Winners ~250 of each
  • Real Heroes ~150 of each
  • Autos ~200 or each auto (not included short prints)
 Since the Real Heroes inserts are a new innovation being tried out by ITG, its not surprising that they have the lowest print runs. The rest of the inserts fall between 200-300 copies of each. Not a bad run for this kind of set. Of course, as the retail version hits the shelves, these print runs would tend to go up.


  1. I'd love to get my hands on the Teeder Kennedy Real Hero auto. Do you know if they are stickered?

  2. Hey Casey,

    Given ITG's rep, you can probably expect an on card, or something similar to a cut auto where they have the person sign something with the same background as the real card and then insert it into the card. I haven't see any yet, but you can probably bet on an on card auto.