Friday, February 12, 2010

2009-10 Upper Deck Series 2

Upper Deck Series 2 is the second release of Upper Deck's flagship product. This set arguably contains the most sought after rookies. While rookies from "The Cup" tend to sell for more, the demand for Series 1 and Series two young guns continues long past the release date by a multitude of collectors.

I really, REALLY wish I had something other than a stock photo to offer. If I want this out by 5 pm though, this will have to do.

Unlike Series 1, Series 2 packs each come with an extra insert card which completes the Victory Update set. Interestingly enough the Victory black parallels are  also highly sought after, as long as the print runs are low. For a relatively cheap set, to have a /5 RC or base card really tends to highlight a player collection. In previous years the most desirable victory black cards have been numbered to /5 or not numbered. Other years has seen print runs calculated to be at least 15, making them much less expensive, and also less desirable.

The problem with calculating Series 1 or Series 2 print runs is the distinct lack of numbered cards. Compounding this issue is the widespread retail boxes, blasters and retails cards. The print runs quoted here are true only for what can be found in the Hobby version of the release. Adding in retail print runs, the total print run for each kind of card should not more than double (hopefully). This years, thanks to a single card, print runs for the Hobby boxes are easily determined.

The one per case "Awesome Acetate" cards means that there are approximately 3,500 hobby cases. Base on number, the following rates for the other hits should be as following:
  •  UD Game Patch are ~1 in every two cases
  • Rookie Materails Patches are ~3 in every 4 cases
  • Fab Four Fabrics are one a case and 75% of cases should have a second
  • High Glossy's /10 are at least one a case (numbers almost suggest close to 2 a case?)
  • Exclusives /100 are 28 a case (1 a box, + every 6th box has an extra one)

We can also calculate the following print runs of the non-numbered cards:
  • Young Guns ~5,000
  • UD Game Jerseys ~800
  • Rookie Materials ~900
  • Signature Sensations ~60
  • Draft Day Gems & Playoff Performers ~ 5,000
  • Rookie Debut & Captain's Calling ~4,600
  • Victory Gold Regular Cards ~850
  • Victory Gold Rookie Cards ~1,050
  • Victory Black Regular Cards ~70
  • Victory Black Rookie Cards ~90
  • The Champions ~1,900
A couple of surprises here. The young guns have print runs as high as the inserts.  The victory black cards have a really high print run compared to previous years' /5 and /10. In general, the print runs for the rookie parallel are higher than the regular cards (see Jerseys vs Rookie materials). Remember, all these numbers are before we consider a single retail box!! Expect the numbers to go way up when taking those into account.
     Hope you enjoyed the read & knowing how unique or not your cards are.



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